Wicked Trail Running


The Wicked Trail is a place in your mind…

It’s where you go when fatigue and discomfort scream louder than purpose,

when adversity chokes your desire for achievement.

As the miles and hours are counted,

when pain readies her soldiers

and fear’s death tune creeps through the forest,

when the Moment of Quit rises before you:

restate your mission. Louder.

Recommit to that future you standing tall atop some peak of accomplishment

with heavy breaths and tired legs.

Take fatigue and discomfort by the hand

hold adversity dear,

smile with pain and fear.

By the crucible of the ultra marathon

create in yourself an indomitable will,

an indefatigable mind eager to explore the dark and quiet,

to carry on through any nighttime chill.

Welcome to the Wicked Trail.

~ Wicked Trail Ethos ~