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  • Personal development and exposure
  • Build a creative platform for people to connect with you
  • Drive traffic to what matters to you
  • Gear, good company, and private Facebook group access for our team of contributors

Wicked Trail Running
Contributor Opportunities

There are three ways for you, writer-ultrarunner-extraordinaire, to become a team member here at Wicked Trail Running.

A one-time contribution is a fantastic way to tell your story and grab a shout-out on our social media platforms and our large email list! The best part of this contribution option is a blast of short-term exposure, and a trickle of long-term exposure as we continue to carry your story down the Wicked Trail with us. Our blog drives hundreds of organic visitors every month (and it’s on the rise!), so your story will continue to have an impact on our visitors, fans, and customers. This option is also great for race reports and thought-provoking written pieces.

Irregular contributions are best for writer-ultrarunner-extraordinaires who aren’t looking for a permanent fixture on our site, but often (by-monthly, or less frequently) find themselves crafting thought-provoking race reports, writing insane Instagram captions, or analyzing the mindset behind this sport. These contributors may manage a blog and want to expand their traffic base. Similar to one-time contributions, these writers enjoy blasts of exposure when their pieces are published, followed by the long-term exposure as the reach of Wicked Trail Running expands.

Regular contributors are ultra marathon runners who share their creativity, passion, and unique perspective –along with stories and race reports– on a by-weekly (twice per month) or monthly basis. These runners see consistent exposure as permanent members of our creative team, and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Twice-a-month and monthly contributors both have biographies under the “Our Writers” tab on our blog page (click here to check it out!).
  • Twice-per-month and monthly contributors, while having their blogs listed in our standard formatting, will have a page dedicated to their individual posts linked from their biography (see above).
  • Each regular contributor will have the option to have one link at the top of his or her post (formatted beautifully, of course) and another at the bottom. We recommend your Instagram handle or personal blog linked on top. On bottom, you can repeat these items OR link something in particular you’d like to draw attention to (a charity or organization approved by Wicked Trail LLC, for example).
  • After 6 consistent posts (3 months), twice-a-month contributors begin receiving twice-per-year scheduled care packages of Wicked Trail gear (and other great stuff 😎). These contributors also receive a gift every time we drop new gear.
  • After 4 consistent posts (4 months), monthly contributors begin receiving twice-per-year scheduled care packages of Wicked Trail gear (and other rad stuff 😁). These contributors also receive a gift every time we drop new gear.
  • Finally, regular contributors have the opportunity to join our new Ultra and Trail Running Bloggers Facebook group. This group will grow into a small, tight-knit group of runners who desire to grow in writing, blogging, and entrepreneurship in the trail and ultra running world. Participation in this group is not mandatory, but it will be a place of power where we discuss and grow our influence in this sport.


Current contributors, and George and Alex, have expectations for our creative team. The content we publish must be distinct and unique, bold, creative, and well-written. This includes race reports, musings, training articles, and stories. We’ll leave it at that. If it would fit in with Runner’s World or Men’s Health, it probably doesn’t belong.

If it relates to ultra marathons, trail running, or your story in some way, we’ll probably publish it. Mindfulness, training, nutrition, mental toughness, race reports, trail stories, your stories, and reflections on experiences all fit our guidelines. We enforce creativity around the idea that ultra marathon running improves a person in many ways.

A few pieces of our content to look to for guidance:

We also expect that you will challenge us, help us and our readers grow as people and as runners, and make us better writers. If you’ve been invited to participate, we think you’ll take up this challenge. If you’re interested in becoming a better runner and writer yourself, our team might be home for you.

Wicked Trail Running has Six Core Tenets, our core values. They are:

  1. Go Farther So You Can Go Further
  2. Motivation Is Not Real
  3. Cowards Are Realistic
  4. Comfort Is A Lie
  5. Be Your Own Culture
  6. Dismantle Your Wall

They’re listed in the order we uncovered them in our own journeys. We didn’t pull these out of thin air; each have been present and active along our Wicked Trail, our ultra marathon adventure. As a member of our creative team, you must keep these in mind as you write. You don’t have to explicitly write about them (although we might glue it to the front page if you do 😏), but these tenets are the pillars of this Wicked Trail.

You can find deep meaning, as a person and as a runner, in at least one of them.

Keep these in mind as you write.

Finally, we expect you to challenge us (our writing, formatting, design, branding, etc). We want to become better within the world of trail and ultra running on more than one front; our team is open to new-comers’ opinions and ideas. That’s why we have the Facebook group!

Join Our Team!

Send an email to with the following information:

  • Subject: Contribute
  • Your full name
  • Your Instagram handle (if applicable) and your website (if applicable)
  • Your desired frequency: one-time, irregular, or regular? If regular, twice per month or monthly?
  • Your desired contribution start-date (when you will submit your first piece)
  • Any other requests (certain day of the week or month you’d like your content posted? etc…)
  • If you will be a twice per month or monthly regular contributor please include a biography for publishing on our blog page (click here to check it out) AND your shirt size, and your best-trail-friend or trail-significant-other’s t-shirt sizes, and what style (men or women’s) you and he/she wear. These biographies can be as long or short as you’d like. Why should someone read your content and what is the impact you want to have on people?

If we’re currently looking for contributors and think you’d be a great fit for our creative team, we’ll fill you in on the steps to get started. Welcome to the Wicked Trail

Everything on this page is subject to change.

Wicked Trail LLC will never alter your content without permission.

Once posted, your content can be edited or removed upon request.

All creative work, written and otherwise, are subject to screening by the creative team at Wicked Trail Running.

Blah blah blah let’s go run.