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Cowards Are Realistic

Cowards Are Realistic

The Common Man

Be realistic. Think of the consequences. Proceed with caution. Be like us.

The common man wants you to live in a box, the box of culture and society. Stay inside the lines. No adversity, no pain, and no fear. Live like everyone else.

Adversity? Culture and society push for complacency. Fitness centers pass out donuts and personal trainers force an agenda of mediocrity: You’re okay where you are. Don’t worry about it. Just show up and do what you’re comfortable with.

Pain? Avoid pain at all costs. Remain comfortable; sit all day and relax all night. Take another pill. Temporary relief. No struggle in the box of culture and society. If something causes pain, avoid it! Nothing good comes from pain. Do the minimum and walk with the crowd.

Fear? What is there to fear? Unless he loses his electricity for an hour, runs out of Diet Coke, or gets stuck in traffic, the common man has nothing to fear. His way of life is set in line with other common men.

Breathe. Exist. Align.

He is like those who are like him: comfortable and content.

Men and women become cowards when they climb into the box of culture and society, alinging with others, existing as others exist. The box of culture and society provides comfort, sows mediocrity and complacency, and reaps an individual incapable of truly living.

Find a Wicked Trail.

Or throw in the towel, be realistic. Live as the common live.


Cowards Are Realistic

Cowards Are Realistic because people who live in the realm of realism are unable to imagine excellence despite odds. Dreams and passions became hobbies; as imagined duties and the expectations of others choked out ambition, hobbies became chores.

Go to school. Work these hours. Live here. Eat there. Wear this. Be that.


What do you like to do? Do.

What do you want to be? Be.

Where do you want to go? Go.

Training for and running the ultra marathon is the greatest rejection of the norms established by culture. This practice disregards, exists completely separate from, the expectations of others.

How can you explain ultra running to another person? The pain? The desire to Go Farther? The desire to feel? The high that comes with willing your way through adversity?

Challenge yourself: where in life are you realistic?

What joyful passions have fallen aside as life moves along? Do you look like those around you? The other moms and dads? Do you act like those around you? The other students and your coworkers? Do you eat what others eat? Go where others go? Sit around when others sit around? Restrict your thoughts by the opinions of others?

Small alignments with culture, with society, add up. Get out of the box.

Stop being realistic.

Go experience life. Experience your passions. Run an ultra marathon just to see what its all about (just don’t train like this guy). Do something terrifying. Say what’s on your mind. Reject comfort and pursue excellence in your passion.

How else will you experience the full beauty and joy of life?

Live Unrealistic, extreme, and obsessed.

Find a Wicked Trail.

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