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Dismantle Your Wall

Dismantle Your Wall

The Wall. You’ve Hit It.

Fatigue is the ultimate mental battleground. Your body is pulling one way and your tapering will is pulling another. Feelings against your goals: which comes out on top?

Mile 5, or Mile 20, or Mile 80. Exhaustion, or hunger, or mental fatigue.

That’s enough. I’m finished. I need rest; I’ve got a hard session planned tomorrow, anyway.

Your will is wavering; your feelings have overpowered your goals.

You couldn’t go on because you placed a Wall in front of you. It doesn’t exist at a certain mile, or a certain hour, or a certain pace. The Wall exists wherever you don’t want to keep going. You fabricate this obstruction, this Wall, as an excuse to justify ending short.

The Wall isn’t something in front of you; it’s not something in your way.

It’s something in your mind. This obstacle impedes and obstructs only as it is allowed.

The Wall is an excuse.

Will you invite the excuse in?

The Wall feeds your feelings, your emotional connection to your run or gym session. It blocks out the light of possibility and succumbs to the craving of a weak spirit. Comfort becomes an easy decision when we fabricate this Wall, this towering and impassable monument to complacency.

It’s a cyclical pattern of nurturing feelings and allowing those feelings to influence the pursuit of your goals. The Wall feeds your feelings, makes it easy to turn to comfort, and those feelings are in turn the foundation of the next Wall during the next training session.

This Wall, however, doesn’t need to be broken through. It doesn’t need to be jumped over or pushed back.

The Wall needs to be torn down. It needs to be dismantled. The remnants need to be left behind, for good.

A permanent destruction of this excuse, this monument to complacency.

Free your mind of obstruction, of limitation, of impasse the open space of possibility demands exploration.

The body has no real control over the mind; fatigue and discomfort, these ‘Walls,’ are feelings fabricated by an emotional connection to the task. Remove your feelings from the equation; there is only ‘act’ and ‘goal.’ You are the hinge between the two.


Exploring the open space of possibility is terrifying. You can do anything. Wrap your mind around that. Not a runner? You could actually run a marathon right now. Never done a pull-up? You could do 1000+ over the next six months. Not great at math? A degree in accounting is within reach. Working a thankless and draining job? Owning a business simply becomes a decision.


Because you’ve torn down the wall (previously known as The Wall).

Look around you. Stop ‘running’ for just a second and look around you.

What do you see?

Open spaces? Passions and goals enveloped in opportunity?

Or is there a Wall? An urban hub of rehearsed haste and cultural norms?

Dismantle this Wall and uproot its foundation of opinions, complacency, and culture.

Be Your Own Culture.

The next time your feelings, your fatigue, try to dictate your workout and you think I’ve hit The Wall! stop and look around you. Step off the trail; rack the barbell.

What do you see?

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