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How Ultra Marathon Runners Find Time to Train

How Ultra Marathon Runners Find Time to Train

“I’d love to sign up for an ultra marathon! I just can’t find the time to train or be away from my responsibilities. It’s just not for someone like me.”

Find the time

Where are you looking for time? Early in the mornings and late at night? Around lunch? Anywhere you can squeeze it in?

Take out a piece of paper.

Write down “FIND THE TIME.”

Now cross it out.


You should run an ultra marathon, of that I don’t need to convince you. You seem like the type that would like to explore adversity, commit to a huge goal, and live unrealistic.

An ultra marathon is the perfect object of fascination for you.

You fit the mold. You want to be a part of the uncommon, those who seek a different way, the way of challenge.

You want to run the Wicked Trail…

Because you want to, because you know you need to, it’s not about finding the time.

Running an ultra marathon is the choice you must make to explore the value life offers, to inspire your loved ones through mental fortitude and commitment, and to live life on your own terms.

The ultra marathon is symbolic of these; the belt buckle earned and the memories captured in pictures are representations of intangible gifts, gifts of the Wicked Trail.

What intangible gifts does one earn from running 50 or 100, or more, miles?

The Intangibles

One becomes familiar with the mischief of life, finds a Taller Peak (the door of opportunity swings open wide), and is given the 5 Tenets of the Wicked Trail.

  1. Motivation Is Not Real
  2. Cowards Are Realistic
  3. Go Farther So You Can Go Further
  4. Comfort Is A Lie
  5. Be Your Own Culture

You become an influence in the lives of others: children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, coworkers; these people are all exposed to the intangible gifts through you.

Your understanding of the mischief of life resonates in your advice, action, and resilience.

Discovery of the Taller Peak is obvious in your relentless pursuit of goals new and old.

The 5 Tenets of the Wicked Trail weave their way into your mannerisms and the subtleties of your interactions with those around you.

These are the results of running an ultra marathon and they’re why you crossed out Find the time.

You will do whatever it takes to become an ultra marathon runner; its value far outweighs the comfort of a simple, complacent life.

When your duties to faith, family, and the tax-man are fulfilled, it is all that remains: the ultra marathon.

If you’re looking for time, you won’t find it.

An opportunity to completely change the course of your life, and the lives of those you seek to impact, however, rests at your doorstep.

You won’t have to find the time.

The value of accomplishing this task is far greater than time.

You will send your kids off to school, you will walk your dog and put in your eight hours and grocery shop and cut the grass and pick your kids up from school and the opportunity will still burn bright in your mind.

Its flame cannot be extinguished.

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