Please note there are minimum requirements to apply for Wicked Trail’s Pro Team.

  1. Finished an official 100 mile race (no time limit)
  2. Reside in the United States (international athletes will be considered in the future)
  3. Willingness to have image and story, experiences and skills, shared on social media and
  4. Ability to accept electronic payments (they won’t be large, calm down. Don’t quit your day job)
  5. Wicked Trail is looking for unique individuals: be open and honest in answering the following questions, and don’t be afraid to open up. Beyond the reader of the application, these answers will never be shared without your permission.
  6. This is a competitive application: DO NOT feel dejected or sorry if you are denied. Keep putting in the work. If a rejection leaves you bitter, you weren’t right for us. Get back on it…


Wicked Trail LLC will not publish any of the information you provide without first consulting you and/or approving your application. Wicked Trail LLC reserves the right to reject applications for any reason, and may not respond to each individual inquiry. This application is anonymous beyond the company. The application, requirements, and terms are subject to change without notice. You are welcome to apply more than once; applications are reviewed on an on-going basis. Wicked Trail LLC may follow up for additional information and clarification.

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