(25 customer reviews)

OG ‘Comfort Is A Lie’ Performance Trucker Hat

(25 customer reviews)


High-quality black and red BOCO technical trucker.

Designed for ultra runners by ultra runners.

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Emotional discomfort is blanketed by fatty and sugary foods and alcohol or drugs. Discontentment with status is masked by an appeal for social attention. Anxiety-stricken because of a loss of direction, people dive deeper into spending and accumulating materials: “This is what others have. This is what makes them smile. I am like them. I smile with them.”

It all comes down to Comfort.

Comfort, this cultural shelter of complacency, reeks of death, a victim-mentality.

Draw Comfort's toxic grips out into the light of day; expose yourself to challenge, to adversity, and run the Wicked Trail.

Comfort Is A Lie...

25 reviews for OG ‘Comfort Is A Lie’ Performance Trucker Hat

  1. Waylon Foskey

    Great product from a great company! The colors look awesome and the fit is perfect!

  2. Dawn_Runs (verified owner)

    Great fitting hat with a message that keeps me moving!!

  3. Thomas Brock (verified owner)

    Great hat!

    It’s comfortable and wicks sweat well. It’s well-made with high-quality materials and feels like a nice hat (because it is!)

  4. Rich Hanson (verified owner)

    This hat is great quality, gets plenty of comments from other runners and over-all is a great fit for me. I can’t get enough of the “Comfort is a lie”. It’s the absolute truth.

  5. Ray (verified owner)

    Loved this hat as soon as I came across Wicked Trail. Hesitated for a few days with the price, but received it a couple weeks ago and it’s worth every penny. Incredible detail and quality. The motto is something that rings true for a person that thought comfort was something to be attained, and learned the hard way, it’s a lie.

  6. Allen Justice (verified owner)

    Hat looks great and well made. Fits perfectly!!

  7. Carl Bakker (verified owner)

    Awesome hat by a company you can believe in. Great for sweating in (read: comfortable and breathable!), and every time I pull the hat off to wipe my face I’m reminded that #ComfortIsALie

  8. Eric Zurlo (verified owner)

    I love this hat. A great reminder that Comfort is a Lie. It fits well, keeps the sweat out of my eyes and is just a badass hat to wear when running around the trails of Western PA! Good job guys! See you on the Wicked Trail

  9. Brant Finck (verified owner)

    I bought this hat to run it, but it’s so light and comfortable and matches so well that I find myself wearing it for errands and things, too. It’s currently my favorite hat and as a bald guy that has to wear a hat to catch sweat and keep the sun off my heads, it’s a great one! Highly recommend this hate and this company and it’s culture!

  10. Joe (verified owner)

    This one has become my favorite running hat. The quality and fit are top notch, and “Comfort is a Lie” is a great reminder to stay focused.

  11. Danny Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I have both hats. The “Be your own culture” and “Comfort is a Lie” They both fit great and are super comfortable but the “Comfort is a Lie’ is my FAVORITE as it stands as a constant reminder to get out of your comfort zone and go get it. This company gets my mindset and values.

  12. Jennifer (verified owner)

    LOVE this hat! It’s super comfortable and lightweight. It does an amazing job at keeping the sun out of my eyes and the rain off my face. It’s my go-to hat for every run.

  13. Tim Surber (verified owner)

    I got the hat and tech shirt “Comfort is a Lie “ ! Love both , what just a quote that says it all , awesome products I’ll be back for more !

  14. lee (verified owner)

    Great running hat! Love the fit, and look, theres nothing more annoying than having to constantly fiddle with your gear…hard to find a hat that stays put on my head while running. This one does! Very comfortable, and great ventilation. Love the hand written letter, that came with the hat. Great job guys!

  15. Paul Westlake (verified owner)

    Great hat for running. If your comfortable it’s to easy right!

  16. Jason (verified owner)

    Amazing quality! Wore this through a 100 miler and held up great! George and Alex, thank you for the note!

  17. Kyle (verified owner)

    Nice quality hat. I can’t wait to get some sweat and mud on it this summer! The note from George and Alex was also really cool, and something you don’t see much of anymore.

  18. Dustin A Debonis (verified owner)

    I love this hat. I’ll be wearing it when I run my first Marathon in a couple weeks. It fits and feels great. I will definitely buy from these guys again

  19. kumonryan (verified owner)

    Excellent Hat, Fits my big head perfect. Always a bonus when the package comes and someone actually took the time to personally thank you for your purchase.

  20. Harry Uberti (verified owner)

    Great fit and shape. Love the hat, and the philosophy. The personal letter from George and Alex was a nice touch

  21. John Anthony (verified owner)

    I love Boco Gear hats. I love Wicked Trail Running. This is the perfect combination to get that conversation started to get your friends and running community out of the mainstream thought process and on their own wicked trail. Great job guys, keep it coming.

  22. Brad Joyce (verified owner)

    Having a shaved head for the last 15 years means wearing baseball caps all the time. (Got to keep the noggin from getting sunburned!) This means I’ve become quite the hat snob so when I saw Wicked trail came out with there own hats I knew I had to get one but was a little skeptical. Especially since it was a trucker hat. (Over the years, I’ve found most trucker hats are garbage…ill fitting and made of cheap materials. Well, I through caution to the wind and ordered a “comfort is a lie” hat, keeping my fingers crossed it was worth the money. A couple of days later, it arrived and as soon as I took it out of the box, I knew this was a awesome product! The quality is top notch with fantastic stitching of the logo and the wicked trail name. It also has a deep “bowl depth” that sits way down on your head which is one of my requirements for any hat I buy. Do yourself a favor and get one so you can show your support of the wicked trail mindset and ultrarunning community!

  23. Aaron Baldwin

    Nothing bad here. Picked up both this hat and “be your own culture” and couldn’t be happier with them. Great quality and fit. The message is such Great motivation and helps to remind me why I do what I do!

  24. Melissa (verified owner)

    Big fan of this hat! I’ve run about 40 miles in it since getting it and it smells fresh as a daisy, and looks good too. I appreciate its message and enjoy that it raises some eyebrows out and about. Will need to pick up the other one! Also I have a big head and this was plenty comfortable!

  25. Al

    THE best hat to wear while running, lifting, or hanging out. Moisture wicking and fits perfect.

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