(22 customer reviews)

‘Comfort Is A Lie’ Performance Trucker Hat

(22 customer reviews)


This life is not meant to be easy. It’s meant to be cold. We’re meant to breathe heavy and climb steep switchbacks with shaky hands. We’re meant to explore the highest peaks and deepest valleys of this existence. Comfort Is A Lie, the executioner of all we’re meant to be.

High-quality BOCO trail running trucker hat.

Moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable, structured hats.

Reminds you to stay goal-oriented and adventurous.

Designed for trail ultra runners by trail ultra runners.


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'Comfort Is A Lie' trail running trucker hats by Wicked Trail are likely to become your new favorite trail running hats. Reminding you to stay goal-oriented and adventurous, these trucker hats turn heads with a bold mantras born of the spirit of ultra running. Perfect for long trail runs and finish line photos. Get one before all your trail friends do.

Comfort Is A Lie.

"Emotional discomfort is blanketed by fatty and sugary foods and alcohol or drugs. Discontentment with status is masked by an appeal for social attention. Anxiety-stricken because of a loss of direction, people dive deeper into spending and accumulating materials: “This is what others have. This is what makes them smile. I am like them. I smile with them.”

It all comes down to Comfort.

Comfort, this cultural shelter of complacency, reeks of death, a victim-mentality.

Draw Comfort's toxic grips out into the light of day; expose yourself to challenge, to adversity, and run the Wicked Trail.

Comfort Is A Lie..."

22 reviews for ‘Comfort Is A Lie’ Performance Trucker Hat

  1. Matthew bloom (verified owner)

    Just a really nice hat to soak through with sweat again and again!

  2. Lexie (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about these truckers! I just purchased a second one because my husband was jealous of mine. They are great on and off the trail, they fit beautifully, their colors are rich and they are so unique. A daily reminder of why I keep grinding!

  3. Paul Jones (verified owner)

    Great fit, great structure Comfortable fit with sunglasses

  4. Greg Arampatzis (verified owner)

    Love this hat, and love the “Comfort is a Lie” mantra. The hat fits great and serves as a reminder to keep grinding and keep pushing your limits.

  5. Mark Neilan (verified owner)

    Love my Comfort is a Lie hat. Love what it stands for! Love the hat so much I almost don’t want to get it sweaty…almost Official Gear of the Send It Café

  6. Tim (verified owner)

    Best trucker hat I own. Comfy and fits great. I’ve gotten many compliments. Highly recommended.

  7. bear.c.mckibben (verified owner)

    Comfortable, looks great, fits great, never forget that your journey is where it needs to be. The lie is the reason you went looking for this hat in the first place!

  8. Mozey (verified owner)

    Comfort is a slow death. Let this hat be a reminder to not only you, but everyone that sees it.

    The hat fits great and is a great addition to anyone who is getting out there and getting after it!

  9. Mark Andersen (verified owner)

    Comfort is a Lie – except for this hat! Fits great, looks cool! Wearing it once was enough for me to buy the Be Your Own Culture trucker hat too. Highly recommend!

  10. Pollyann Keller (verified owner)

    This Trucker hat is my Favorite hat for running! Love the message! Makes for a Great conversation starter!

  11. Chris (verified owner)

    These truckers are my go-to hats for running, as everyday wear. As an added bonus, I always get people asking what the messages mean, and it is a great way to share the running philosophy and to have discussions in general.

  12. Jason Thompson (verified owner)

    My favorite running hat by far! I’ve tried many running hats and this is easily my favorite! Comfortable and stylish!

  13. Gerald Lawton (verified owner)

    Purchased the Comfort is A Lie trucker for a birthday present to myself. I couldn’t be happier with the fit, look and style of this hat. I have worn it for several runs and get compliments on it everytime! Thanks Wicked Trail for everything you do.

  14. Laura (verified owner)

    I gave my husband this hat for Christmas. It’s his current go to hat for running and everyday wear. He loves it! I’m definitely surprising him with the new releases!

  15. Kevin (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this hat! Love the look so much I wear it out for daily use instead of running in it. Looks great & fits perfect. Definitely recommend!

  16. Marc Lauber (verified owner)

    Love this hat!! Fits perfect, looks awesome and love the saying! Colors are great as well.

  17. Noah Moore (verified owner)

    Love this hat! Ran 50 miles in it for my 50th birthday. Always a good reminder that discomfort is part of living a full life!

  18. Jen Even (verified owner)

    Love the colors and the phrase “Comfort Is A Lie.” Planning to wear it for my next 100 mile race.

  19. Logan O’Hara (verified owner)

    Awesome hat!! Gotten several comments on it already and the colors look even better in person. 10/10 would recommend!

  20. John McB (verified owner)

    New favorite Hat for sure. love the design, the colors and especially the Sentiment. I’m also overly picky when it comes to hats and this one checks all the boxes. Now if only the “be your own culture” hats would come back in stock. Need one of those too!

  21. Krystyna Greco (verified owner)

    Love this hat. It’s really comfortable to run in, but I love wearing it all the time. The design and colors are really vibrant. Have gotten a bunch of “hey! Nice hat!” out running, would definitely recommend.

  22. Waylon Foskey (verified owner)

    This hat rocks! Great colors, design, and fit! I’m really picky about hats and this one definitely gets full stars! Keep up the great work!

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