‘Comfort Is A Lie’ UltraCap – Purple


This life is not meant to be easy. It’s meant to be cold. We’re meant to breathe heavy and climb steep switchbacks with shaky hands. We’re meant to explore the highest peaks and deepest valleys of this existence. Comfort Is A Lie, the executioner of all we’re meant to be.

High-quality purple and white BOCO endurance hat.

Lightweight and pack-able. Soft and collapsible.

Flip brim up or leave it relaxed.

Ready for your next endurance race, gym workout, or hiking trip.

Designed for ultra runners by ultra runners.

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Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .5 in

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I love this hat. The message serves as a reminder to myself when I race ultras why I do it, why I'm out there. Beyond the message, the hat itself is very functional and useful. I've raced about 4x in it, (50k, 50m, 50k, and 12 hr) and I have yet to encounter post race chafing or breakouts on my head/ears. The soft brim is great too because I can lift in it without being bother by a stiff bill getting in the way of benching/jerk from the back of the neck, etc. Phenomenal hat. One of my absolute favorites.


Look great, feel great, run great. An all around quality purchase that I highly recommend.


I love this hat! Usually when I am running with a hat, I have to readjust it, take it off, put it back on, etc. I didn't have to touch it once during my run! I am pretty excited about that. I am also really happy with the design and the "comfort is a lie" statement. I couldn't be happier with this hat!

Will Garland

I have several running hats. This one is the best I have.

Lauren Longfield

I love this hate. It's so light weight you barely notice it on your head and the fit is perfect.