(35 customer reviews)

‘Be Your Own Culture’ Performance Trucker Hat

(35 customer reviews)


High-quality white and green BOCO technical trucker.

Designed for ultra runners by ultra runners.

“Be Your Own Culture is the relentless pursuit of the uncommon. It is the mindset that nothing is certain except death and our own ability to be whatever we want in relation to this death.”

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What any online coach, trail running partner, blog post, or concerned family member won’t tell you is that everything success is built on lives inside of you. Everything you need to explore the deepest canyons and highest peaks of this human experiment, to Be Your Own Culture.

I want you to look around next time you’re in public. The mall, a busy street, or a restaurant will do. Take it in. Those around you treat this life as a permanent existence. They will all die and leave nothing behind. Death will come shamefully and slowly over their lives; not a physical death, but a mental and emotional one. Regrets might be the last burning thoughts in the back of the mind before comfort and alignment with others stifle even this flame.

“What if…”

“How come…”

“Imagine if I’d…”

This all-too-common mental and emotional death, a yearning for what one missed and continues to miss, can be avoided. There is a cure. This cure is the Wicked Trail.

You must Be Your Own Culture.

Pursue excellence in mind, body, and spirit. No, not comfort and contentment. Excellence. Be uncommon.

Be Your Own Culture.

35 reviews for ‘Be Your Own Culture’ Performance Trucker Hat

  1. bear.c.mckibben (verified owner)

    In a world that’s trying to make everyone conform to a dependent, lazy, sheep who follows the shepherd to slaughter; be your own culture is the perfect counterbalance.

    Don’t pick a side, you be you, true to that and nothing else matters.

  2. Rich (verified owner)

    Great hat with a great message. This hat has become my go to hat. I would highly recommend, not only for the quality hat but also the signed card included, this is a great touch. Wonderful company and product.

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    This is the second hat I have purchased from WTR. These truckers are my go-to hats for running, as everyday wear. They are well made and look great. I cannot wait for more of them to be released!

  4. Jesse Matthews

    Love this hat! It’s comfortable and high quality, which you don’t always get. And of course I love the design and the message. I have been wearing it all of the time. In fact, I might have to order a second one… I haven’t run in it because I don’t want to get it dirty!

  5. Mark Neilan (verified owner)

    Love the fit of my Be Your Own Culture trucker hat! But even more important to me I love the mantra on the hat. Looking forward to purchasing more from Wicked Trail running!

  6. Kris Garau (verified owner)

    A light and sharp looking trucker cap that feels good on the go and out running errands, too! A new favorite.

  7. Alayna (verified owner)

    Another technical trucker that has quickly become the favorite with this subtle but BA design. These Boco hats go with me from trail to gym to shower. Their durability is unmatched and have survived years of sweat, getting crammed into packs and thrown into the washer. Highly recommend

  8. Kisha (verified owner)

    This is my second hat from WTR. It’s a great hat with a great message! It’s comfortable and easy to run in. I am an 8th grade teacher and wear this on hat days to make the kids think too

  9. Jon “Stang” Hopkins (verified owner)

    Best fitting hat I’ve ever ran in actually fits on my head instead of sticking up in the air like most trucker hats do. The trees and mountains on the front are awesome looking and I always get compliments on it. I have 50 other hats but this is my go to every time.

  10. Lexie (verified owner)

    What trail runner doesn’t love a hat you can toss on forwards or backwards?! It’s cool and comfy (not itchy parts). Dries quickly too! Love the rich colors. I get so many compliments on it! Get yours now!!

  11. John McB (verified owner)

    Was super pumped to see this hat back in stock. This is probably the best hat ever made. You should go buy one right now, and one of the other ones too. Happy Trails!!!

  12. Shane Greenlee (verified owner)

    Quality products and great message behind them. I normally am not a hat person but this one has changed me. I love the hand written notes from George when I opened my hat!

  13. Domenick (verified owner)

    Quality product and it arrived sooner than I expected. Fits me perfectly and I use it out on the trails. Stoked for more products to drop.

  14. susanne vanzijl (verified owner)

    Saw the hat and it spoke to me. My life is not normal I have to make my own place in the world. (autism mom, who self medicates with endurance sports) Great hat, love the look, the graphic the color. But Im going to be a complete brat and say its not as comfy as some other hats I have. Weird maybe my head is shaped wrong.

  15. David Jurek (verified owner)

    Man, what can I say? I love these hats and they fit perfectly. My “Comfort is a Lie” hat has seen a lot of miles. I can’t wait to proudly wear this one out on the trail and put the miles on it.

  16. Jeremy Black (verified owner)

    Absolutely one of the best purchases I have made in a long time! Shhh! My wife still doesn’t know I bought it. This is now my gym hat, trail hat, everything hat! Must buy

  17. Alexandra Luechtefeld (verified owner)

    Love the hat and the message. I have a small dome, so it fits a little larger than I would usually wear my hats, but it’s becoming my go-to winter hat because I can easily fit ear warmers and headphones under it with no issues.

  18. Douglas O Schwindt Jr (verified owner)

    Love my hat, and everyone else seems to love it too! I may have to order a few more for Christmas presents!

  19. NORA MCKAY (verified owner)

    Mine is on the way..
    I love the message and the mantra.

    Can’t Wait !

  20. Brittany

    I’ve salt crusted this beauty! The crown isn’t cartoonishly high, the fit stays put but breaths. Colors and Logo are a nice change from the industry standard neons.

  21. Ernie Resillez

    Solid hat for summer running. People ask me about the saying. Made well. I feel like a bad ass trail runner. They also sent me stickers that are my car. ROCK ON!

  22. Mike (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the hat! Great fit, very comfortable while running. And, as always, love the message! But receiving the hand written letter with each order??? Awesome!

  23. Alex Orta (verified owner)

    My go to run and gym hat! Quality lid, even better message and people behind the message!!!

  24. Danny Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I immediately was drawn to the hats because I carry and uphold a lot of the same values. I bought the Comfort is a Lie hat first. It fit like a glove and the material felt really really nice. I know its going to take all of one run to get it sweaty, dirty and stinky and amen to that!

  25. Jeff Campbell (verified owner)

    Love this hat and the Wicked Trail philosophy. As some of the other reviews have said It takes the right trucker for my head and this one fits great. Had it only a week or so and already used with my headlamp and in the rain. Can’t wait for the tech t’s!!

  26. Jess (verified owner)

    I love this hat! Super comfortable for miles and spreads a great message. I get comments on it whenever I wear it.

  27. Heather McCann (verified owner)

    I love this hat. My husband loves this hat. He loved it so much he stole it from me and I bought two more. (Actually three, one for a gift). It fits my head perfectly and weathers through a good sweat still looking and feeling great.

  28. Robert Sterba (verified owner)

    The Hat I ordered was for a friend that introduced me to you, your wicked trail, and being your own culture mind set. She loves the Hat!!!!! I may have to now get one for myself. Love the perspective and what you guys are all about!!

  29. Mile woldt (verified owner)

    This hat is awesome. Looks great that when I got it my son wanted it. I will be ordering one for home too. Most important is the philosophy it represents. Well done guys.

  30. Michelle (verified owner)

    SO incredibly happy with this hat! I’m not a baseball hat girl, as they normally annoy me and fit weird, but I wore this baby to the gym with me today and loved it! Not only did it hold back my hair and not need to constantly be adjusted (like stupid headbands), but it also had the added perk of keeping the weight room creeps out of my line of vision! I was able to wear it my entire workout, sweat and all. Definitely going to buy the other one sometime soon❤ Thank you so much and keep up the good work, boys.

  31. Anna (verified owner)

    Trucker hats can look huge on me, but this one is perfect! It fits great, doesn’t ride up or feel too tight, and is so soft! I haven’t had a chance to wear it on a run yet (grad school life am I right?), but look forward to getting it dirty over Christmas break. Absolutely love the message!!

  32. carlos & olivia (verified owner)

    It is a soft fit:) whether wearing front or backwards, it fits very well. We have already used it with a Petzyl Headlamp and it didn’t ride up. We will give it a spin at the lake with a 14 mi run with a tempo built into it. Most importantly, we believe in the message, Olivia and I are our own culture.

  33. John Anthony (verified owner)

    First of all it is a bocogear hat so it is a very comfortable hat that sits just right on my head. It wicks sweat away from my face while I am running and keeps the rain and sun out of my eyes. This hat looks amazing on the trail or on the job. I think this could have been my best purchase of 2018. Keep up the great work guys.

  34. Wesley Stepp (verified owner)

    Great design and fit which falls right in line with the shirts you all make! Will definitely purchase future products. Keep up the good work and the motivation!

  35. Lis (verified owner)

    Quality BOCO trucker that looks as good as it feels on. Comfy, breathes well, and is worth the money. Love the mantra and colors! Will be sporting it this weekend at my trail 50K!

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