(20 customer reviews)

‘Dismantle Your Wall’ Performance Trucker Hat

(20 customer reviews)


‘Dismantle Your Wall’ means that when you go beyond fatigue, your mind is exposed to some realm of what else you’re capable of. Go find our what else you’re capable of.

High-quality black and green BOCO technical trucker.

Designed for ultra runners by ultra runners.

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'Dismantle Your Wall' means that when your friends and family clap and cheer and say "Good job!" you haven't gone far enough. They'll think you have. They can't see the wall.

It's an obstruction to the person you are called to be. It's a monument to mediocrity.

The open space of who you are called to be demands exploration.

Who are you called to be?

When you go beyond fatigue into some unknown, when you explore the deepest valleys and highest peaks of human endeavors, your capacity for discomfort deepens and focuses into an eagerness for challenge and adventure.

It starts when you look your fear, anxieties, regrets, and doubts in the eyes. Look upon those bricks keeping your mind enclosed, and take another step into the unknown, into fatigue.

Dismantle Your Wall.

Bricks dropping with each step. Good. Keep going.

Find your Wicked Trail.

20 reviews for ‘Dismantle Your Wall’ Performance Trucker Hat

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    Not your typical trucker, it fits well and not bulky. Extra goodies have already found homes on vehicle and walls.

  2. Tyson Anderson (verified owner)

    I own a lot of hats – some cheap and some more expensive. The quality of this one is great and it fits very comfortably. It looks great, reminds me to pursue discomfort, and provides a great conversation starter for people that care to ask about the mantra. 10/10 will buy again (if) when this one wears out!

  3. Jim Hinkson (verified owner)

    Only thing better than the gear itself is the message and philosophy behind WTR. Great gear great company

  4. Nick Sorensen (verified owner)

    I love these trucker hats and I have three different ones from WTR! Great products and a great message!

  5. Brittany (verified owner)

    Loving the hat so far. First trucker style running hat. Love the message and design.

  6. Jaclyn Borowski (verified owner)

    Love this hat! The fit is great, I can run in it and wear it all day without issue! Really dig the design and the message!

  7. Bob (verified owner)

    Like all WTR gear, this hat is high quality, and has a great message that often serves as a basis for conversation among fellow runners. I have a number of shirts and hats from WTR, and have given them as gifts. Like I said, the quality is there, and the details are also really cool. George does a great job getting these out – everything arrives well before I get a chance to wonder where it is!

  8. C Mc (verified owner)

    I LOVE this hat!!
    First, it fits great (even with sunglasses).
    Second, the photos don’t do it justice. The detail looks great and it’s made well. I wear this hat everywhere with everything. It even withstands the abuse at water parks. I love the statement it makes and how it applies to EVERYONE. Not a runner? That’s ok! You still have walls to dismantle!!

  9. Stefanie D. (verified owner)

    This hat is great quality with a top notch design. It shipped mere hours after being ordered and showed up at my doorstep two days later.

  10. Dawn (verified owner)

    Favorite hat!

  11. Gerald Lawton (verified owner)

    This was my second trucker purchase from WTR, and this hat is amazing! Perfect fit right out of the box, great color scheme and design. George’s customer service is second to none, fast shipping and he included some mini stickers too! Thanks WTR!

  12. Taylor Verville (verified owner)

    Awesome design and love the message it brings.

  13. Mark Neilan (verified owner)

    I enjoy all my hats and my shirt from Wicked Trail Running. They are all comfortable to run in and the mantras on each are a reminder not only to me, but to those around me. #DismantleYourWall #ComfortIsALie #BeYourOwnCulture

  14. Charlie (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these hats. Well made and comfortable, this hat is perfect for when you go out on a run or just daily wear. Not to mention the meaning behind the saying on the hat and the poems that come along with the purchase.

  15. Meaghan (verified owner)

    Love this hat! Super comfortable, flattering, and the design always gets compliments.

  16. Cassie (verified owner)

    So, I usually don’t look good in a trucker as they are too big but I LOVE this one!! Comfortable and fits great.

  17. Chris L. (verified owner)

    These hats are the best around. Whether for running or just wearing casually, you will turn to this hat again and again. I grab every new one whenever one drops. The Dismantle Your Wall message is a great motivator for me and always a good conversation starter one the trail. Grab yours and get to stylin up that climb!

  18. Melissa Ossanna (verified owner)

    I love this hat! It’s super comfortable for running, and I love the message! I get lots of compliments on it when I’m not out running in the woods with no people around!

  19. Ann R. (verified owner)

    This hat is one of my favs to wear while running. All the cool stickers and mini merch that was included in the shipment was a nice touch. Thanks!

  20. bear.c.mckibben (verified owner)

    The trucker will never go out of style for the ultra community! This hat is probably my second favorite from WTR! Subtle color scheme, comfortable fit, and it’s got that short, sweet reminder.

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