(14 customer reviews)

‘Dismantle Your Wall’ UltraCap

(14 customer reviews)


High-quality BOCO endurance hat.

Lightweight and pack-able. Soft and collapsible.

Flip brim up or leave it relaxed.

Ready for your next endurance race, gym workout, or hiking trip.

Designed for ultra runners by ultra runners.

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Fatigue is the ultimate mental battleground. Your body is pulling one way, and your tapering will is pulling another. Your feelings against your goals: which comes out on top?

Mile 5, Mile 20, or Mile 80. Exhaustion, hunger, or mental fatigue.

That’s enough. I’m finished. I need rest; I’ve got a hard session planned tomorrow, anyway.

Your will is wavering; your feelings have overpowered your goals.

I hit my wall.

The Wall isn’t something in front of you; it’s not something in your way.

The Wall is something in your mind. It’s not real, this obstacle; it impedes and obstructs only as it is allowed.

The Wall is an excuse.

It needs to be torn down. The remnants need to be left behind, for good.

With each step into fatigue, each heavy breath up the mountain of doubt, a brick falls.

Take another step.

Dismantle Your Wall.

14 reviews for ‘Dismantle Your Wall’ UltraCap

  1. Brendan (verified owner)

    This hat looks great and is about as functional as it gets! Highly recommend.

  2. Jamie

    LOVE this hat. So light weight, great fit and wicking material and AWESOME color and design. Easily my favorite hat.

  3. Dave Giacco (verified owner)

    Love the hat. Comfortable and super lightweight

  4. Shane Greenlee (verified owner)

    Like all Wicked Trail Running gear, these hats are of course high quality! They fold up for easy storage and keep sweat out of your eyes. If you need a good running hat, look no further.

  5. Amber (verified owner)

    Awesome hat ! I love this style because of the flip brim !
    I run on the hot side so any extra layers sorta does me in, but flipping the brim up creates a breeze to my face! Sounds crazy, but it works for me !
    Plus, the constant reminder to break down my perceived barriers is always with me now.

  6. Colin (verified owner)

    I waited until I had a few miles on this hat to leave a review, but it’s fast become one of my absolute favorites. I was initially concerned about the flip bill, having never worn one before, but this thing is actually fantastic – full functionality of a hat bill that you can easily move out of the way if you want. Actually much easier than switching an ordinary hat from forward to backward then forward again depending on conditions.

    Otherwise, the hat is super light, very breathable, and super easy to compress and pack. Oh, and the styling on this thing is awesome.

    Five stars – great purchase!

  7. David Flynn (verified owner)

    This hat #$@+ rocks. Super light, super soft, keeps both sweat and sun out if your eyes, motivates you and looks great! What more can you expect from a hat?

  8. Trista (verified owner)

    Love my new hats!! I have both designs. Lightweight collapsible and great looking!!

  9. Heather (verified owner)

    Cannot love this hat more! Super comfy, soft, and breathable. Brim up is wonderful deep in the woods to open up sight lines. Seriously it is the best hat ever and you won’t be disappointed with it! Plus they look awesome!

  10. Carrie (verified owner)

    Best. Hat. Ever.
    It is so light, I have no problem wearing it in the summer heat. I also never knew how convenient it is to flip up the brim when I get deep into the trees. No more surprise taps on my head from low hanging branches! Packs small. Looks great. Inspires you not to quit.

  11. Shepherd Pryor (verified owner)

    I just took my new UltraCap for a spin and let me just say this … best hat ever!! After sailing over a broken river dam the GOAT on the side of the hat helped me trick the Troll under the bridge that I was far superior in intelligence and he let me cross unimpeded with all my limbs in tact much like in the children’s fable The 3 Billy Goat’s Gruff. The Mountain range on the other side was just as valuable as camouflage to dodge a stalking Mountain Lion. Like a TRex it’s vision is based on movement and I was as stealthy as Drax the Destroyer in the Avengers. The breathability and comfort were equally unparalleled and were the envy of all the other trail runners (I saw noone) on the steep horrifying inclines I traversed. All in all I’d say it’s my favorite new gear addition!!

  12. Jacob (verified owner)

    It’s light, fashionable and makes you run faster. What else could you want in a run cap?!?

  13. Melissa (verified owner)

    Loving theses new hats. They are so light and breathable, truly the best running hats I have. Now that it’s getting hotter out, I still want to be wearing a hat when in the woods and these keep you cool (and also look cool). Really recommend them.

  14. Logan (verified owner)

    This is by far the most comfortable hat I’ve ever worn and the designs look even better in person. 11/10 would recommend!

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