(19 customer reviews)

‘Go Farther’ Strength Tee

(19 customer reviews)



Ultra-soft, 60/40 cotton/polyester blend.

You won’t find a more comfortable tee for your next strength session, brewery tour, or hanging out after a race.

Designed and printed in the USA.

Go Farther, your mind will Go Further…



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Your feelings don't matter.

Opinions don't matter.

The pain does not matter.

You're on the Wicked Trail.

Do not stop. Do not rest. Do not give in to the voices whispering "Quit."

 Go Farther.

Run the distance. Take your body beyond your physical expectations.

Step. Step. Step.

When you push your body Farther, your take your mind Further.

The fatigue and pain experienced in ultra marathon running creates crisis in one’s mind: "STOP. REST. GO EASY."

These are normal and expected thoughts. What is not normal and what the mind does not expect is for a person to push harder when these thoughts arise.

Your mind does not expect you to Go Farther

The mind, so focused on ending the pain, is sent reeling when the pain increases. It must adapt. The pain has gotten worse. WORSE.

But you push forward again. And again!

Go Farther. You're now dragging your mind, kicking and screaming, as you push on. Go Farther. Your mind must adapt, change its habits. It must become stronger. It must Go Further.

Quitters are the first to die. Do not quit when you are in pain. Go Farther. Do not quit when your legs are broken. Go Farther. Do not quit when your mind is screaming to stop. Go Further.

19 reviews for ‘Go Farther’ Strength Tee

  1. David Jurek (verified owner)

    Man, this is my favorite t-shirt. I have a few of them in diffent colors. Super soft and runs true to size. Quality is great, washed them dozen of time and still look amazing!

  2. Alyssa Seliga

    I am absolutely in love with this shirt and wear it all the time! It’s soft, comfortable, and always provoked questions and initiates conversations with others which is so cool! Thanks for making such a great product!

  3. Mike

    Are you kidding??? Short is SUPER soft even after several washings! Love the brand, the idea behind it and I enjoy explaining what the Wicked Trail is and what the community represents!

  4. Mat (verified owner)

    I’m actually wearing this shirt as I type this. The other reviews are spot on, this T-shirt fits great, is crazy comfortable and I’m pretty sure I’m 17% faster because of it. I can only assume that Wicked Trail has some how managed to incorporate unicorn sweat into the material.

  5. James Blair (verified owner)

    This shirt represents more than just the Wicked Trail. It represents a mindset. When I wear it it I feel like I can definitely go further!

  6. Lea (verified owner)

    Bought this shirt back in Fall 2018 and just now getting around to leaving a review…since I’ve had it for half a year, I can honestly say this is one of the best t-shirts around. I wear it ALL the time. The material is so soft and doesn’t shrink with washes. It’s a stylish shirt and the message behind it is so powerful. Love this shirt and highly recommend it for both men and women– I even plan to buy another for my man!

  7. Heather (verified owner)

    Awesome shirt! Comfortable and I love what I’m representing when I wear it. Have had lots of good comments from family and friends. Thank you for hooking me up with the wicked trail!!

  8. Aaron (verified owner)

    Okay. I left a review above when first received my shirts but wanted to do another since I’ve now had the shirts for some months now.
    Still 5 stars! These shirts are soft and stay soft after multiple washings. I wear these shirts most days and they have held up very well. No fading or wear showing still!
    I continue to look forward to new products from Wickedtrairunning. Have not disappointed and have complete confidence that I will receive quality gear!

  9. Jing (verified owner)

    I love it. Most comfortable shirt in a while.

  10. Neil (verified owner)

    One of the most comfortable running shirts/any shirt I have worn. It’s my go to shirt in my drawer and had to buy more. Great product!

  11. Brandon (verified owner)

    Love everything about this shirt from the fabric to the meaning behind the message. I have a little more build than most trail runners but I like my shirts fitting snug so this one fits me perfectly. The fabric is one of the best feeling shirts I own. One of my go to trail t-shirts!

  12. Brad

    Being a runner in North Carolina means running in lots of humidity during the summer months. The Wicked trail shirt has been a awesome weapon for those times! It wicks and dries super fast and still remains soft. What more can you ask for?! Add one…or two..to your run gear today!

  13. Greybeardrunz

    Love these shirts. Very good quality, comfort and fit!

  14. Katie (verified owner)

    To me, Wicked Trail Running is much more than just these T-shirts -which are incredibly comfortable by the way Wicked Trail Running is that constant motivation I need for many aspects in life. From their Monday Morning Wake Up Call to get my week started, to their posts about regular everyday people who are doing inspiring things, to their hand written notes I receive with my orders making me feel like much more than just another customer. It’s more than just a brand, it’s a way of life, and these guys constantly make me feel that I can handle anything, even the toughest things. Thanks for being a constant driving force behind all things wicked in life

  15. Aaron (verified owner)

    Love these shirts. Very good quality, comfort and fit! Get asked what my shirt means and easiest answer is that’s it’s a life style. Can’t wait to see what’s next from Wicked Trail Running!

  16. Tim Agar (verified owner)

    Love the shirts had 3 gave 1 to grandson, need more. Put me down for the hat or 2.

  17. Qynne (verified owner)

    These shirts are awesome! I bought two, the red and green, and I love the colors. They came in the mail pretty quickly and just as pictured. They’re super comfortable and are a great fit even for a girl. Quality was also better than expected. Looking to see what else Wicked Trails is going to come out with!

  18. Dillon

    I was so excited when I received my shirt! I love how comfortable it is and how perfectly it fits. It’s amazing, people often approach me and ask the meaning of my shirt. It’s truly one of a kind and I can’t wait for more designs!

  19. George

    These shirts are a soft polyester blend. People are always asking what “Go Farther So You Can Go Further” means. I’m starting to live it now because I’m always telling people. I didn’t know a shirt could be life-changing.

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