‘Smiley’ Vented UltraCap


High-quality, best BOCO trail running hats.

Lightweight and pack-able. Soft and collapsible.

Vented side panels to keep you cool.

Flip brim up or leave it relaxed.

Ready for your next trail run, hardest gym workout, or hiking trip.

Designed for ultra runners by ultra runners.

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Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × .5 in

Customer Reviews

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The smile says it all. Broken and beaten, but still grinning.
Unlike the porous vents on the side of the hat that provide a subtle breeze on a long run, the motivation is solidified and woven right.
For a long run, or a short one in humidity. Can’t beat this solid hat and vents for breathability.

Jed Moreno

Just a great running cap. Really enjoying putting the miles on and everytime I catch a glimpse of myself I cant help but crack a huge grin. I run in it, work out in it, do krav maga in it; it's my go to headwear for keeping the sun and sweat out of my face while simultaneously taming my wicked mane! Not a lot of lightweight and breathable and hats can make that claim, I have a pretty luxurious mane;)

Do yourself a favor and buy one, or 6. Just leave a couple for me.

Trisha Sterringer

Comfortable and lightweight. Stays in place during a run without being too tight. Definitely would recommend.

Logan O'Hara

By far the best hat I've ever worn for running. You can barely feel it but it keeps all the sweat out of your face. Plus it's just plain badass. 10/10 would recommend

Shep Pryor

I was slightly concerned when I first received this UltraCap because the lingering question that was on all of our minds had truly yet to be answered. Could a new whimsical Emoji style hat slay despair and mediocrity? Could light fabric based breathability bring the hammer of justice down on ennui? Had we placed too high an expectation price upon superior craftsmanship with the assumption that it would chase life's woeful and inexorable despondency into the shadowy corridors of the back alley Yakuza den we choose to dub reality?

Well....let me tell you that this charming collectible to your gear closet of awesomeness delivers that and soooooo much more!!!! The minute I put it on the snarky smile generated an immediate sense of joviality and a Ramboesque feeling of invincibility that yes, indeed, I would walk the highway of glee and ebullience no matter what the crotchety Sheriff of dejection and regret had to say about it. The mud and bandages displayed gives you at first a concern that perhaps our spunky hero knows our darkest secrets and that today maybe we would succumb to the ravages of despondency and defeat but the glint in the eyes makes you spin twice on the carrousel of gratitude and stomp your feet on the throat of entitlement. You almost just accept what this gloriousness has already inspired until you look even closer at the eyes and notice the delicately concealed images within which just simply blows your f**king mind right out the back door of the operating room of flabbergasted amazement. Tapping into this extra thunderbolt of joy allowed me to instantly access my secret storehouse of PR to traverse the moonlit forest (left eye) of defiance and ascend the sunlit mountain (right) of peace and performance.

The Wicked Trail never ceases to surprise.....