Women’s “Be Your Own Culture” Tech Tee

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100% soft polyester

Ultra-light performance tee

Vented back for temperature control

Sublimation printing – print and colors will never scratch or fade


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What any online coach, trail running partner, blog post, or concerned family member won’t tell you is that everything success is built on lives inside of you. Everything you need to explore the deepest canyons and highest peaks of this human experiment, to Be Your Own Culture.

I want you to look around next time you’re in public. The mall, a busy street, or a restaurant will do. Take it in. Those around you treat this life as a permanent existence. They will all die and leave nothing behind. Death will come shamefully and slowly over their lives; not a physical death, but a mental and emotional one. Regrets might be the last burning thoughts in the back of the mind before comfort and alignment with others stifle even this flame.

“What if…”

“How come…”

“Imagine if I’d…”

This all-too-common mental and emotional death, a yearning for what one missed and continues to miss, can be avoided. There is a cure. This cure is the Wicked Trail.

You must Be Your Own Culture.

Pursue excellence in mind, body, and spirit. No, not comfort and contentment. Excellence. Be uncommon.

Be Your Own Culture.

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