Women’s “Comfort Is A Lie” Tech Tee

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100% soft polyester

Ultra-light performance tee

Vented back for temperature control

Sublimation printing – print and colors will never scratch or fade


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Emotional discomfort is blanketed by fatty and sugary foods and alcohol or drugs. Discontentment with status is masked by an appeal for social attention. Anxiety-stricken because of a loss of direction, people dive deeper into spending and accumulating materials: “This is what others have. This is what makes them smile. I am like them. I smile with them.”

It all comes down to Comfort.

Comfort, this cultural shelter of complacency, reeks of death, a victim-mentality.

Draw Comfort’s toxic grips out into the light of day; expose yourself to challenge, to adversity, and run the Wicked Trail.

Comfort Is A Lie…

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Weight5.3 oz
Dimensions10 × 11 × 1 in

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