Shawn Livingston

Veteran, Texas Ultrarunner

Years Sober


Shawn's Story

Shawn hadn’t had a sober day in his adult life until he was handed a 20 year prison sentence. “What do you want me to do?” his lawyer asked.

Knowing he was about to lose the best years of his adult life, Shawn threw out the pill bottles and fought his heroin addiction, all in an attempt to reconnect with his family before going away.

Something greater than Shawn was at work; his treatment and recovery documented, the judge stayed Shawn’s prison sentence. After 14 months of recovery and rebuilding this Shawn Livingston, he discovered a passion for trail and ultra marathon running.

Now regularly competing in trail races and ultra marathons around Austin, Texas (and beyond), Shawn commits his time to raising awareness around the dangers of opiod addiction, and the beauty of digging deep to find the catalyst to change a person’s life.

Shawn is a personal trainer and recovery coach who brings fitness programs to treatment facilities and individuals in recovery in Austin, Texas.

Wicked Trail Running Athlete Shawn Livingston

“It woke up The Monster”

“He’s a lazy, lying, lost, hopeless drug addict,” Shawn Livingston says, reflecting on the colors with which he painted his adulthood. It started as the life of a partier, just an addiction to a good time.

Drug abuse and alcoholism, taking root slowly in late nights and over-prescribed pain killers, became habitual. Good times rolled into bad habits; bad habits became dangerous routines.

Did you make it to work today?

Do you have gas in your car?

Yes? Good.

When he tried to get off pain medications, prescribed for his hurt back, “It woke up The Monster.”

The Monster fed on pain pills. When those became too expensive, heroin took over.

His family turned their backs which, Shawn says, they had every right to do. The Monster wrapped its gnarled hand around Shawn and wedged itself between he and those who once looked up to him as a proud member of the Armed Forces.

Hopeless, and without purpose, Shawn racked up four felonies and a DWI.

The fourth felony, the one that nearly landed Shawn 15 years in prison, saved his life…

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