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The Wicked Trail is a place in your mind…

Not your typical ultra running blog, Wicked Trail is here to promote endurance of the mind and spirit, adventure beyond the norm, and a thirst for challenge. Posts categorized as Your Mind deal with issues of progress, challenge, and pursuit. You won’t find thoughts like these on any other ultra running blog. I promise.

Training is a category commited to discomfort, experience, and physical growth toward an endurable, healthy, ultra runner.

Races gives insight in the mind of the ultra runner: these blogs deal with adventures had and lessons learned. Glimpse into the unique experiences of each race. Don’t worry, they’re not boring.

Finally, Books is a page with recommended reading (fiction and non fiction) for endurance athletes and ultra marathon runners.

Top Ultra Running Blog Posts: Start Here

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    Stranded on a Desert Island

  • White Knuckles by Wicked Trail Running

    White Knuckles

  • The Timing of Chaos - Wicked Trail Running Ultra Marathon blog cover photo

    The Timing of Chaos

  • Torture Your Faults Ultra Marathon Blog

    Torture Your Faults

  • Ultrarunners should ask themselves one question

    Ask Yourself One Question

  • Don't Uber Through Life. An Ultrarunner's Reflection

    Don’t Uber Through Life: An Ultrarunner’s Reflection

  • Instinct For Meaning my journey to 100 miles

    Instinct For Meaning: My Journey to 100 Miles

  • 3 Lessons From Quitting at Mile 70

    3 Lessons of a 100 Mile DNF

  • Thanks For The Suffering Ultra Marathon Blog Michael Moran

    So Long, And Thanks For The Suffering

  • Gravel: Ultra Marathon Blog Post


  • Victims Die Slow

    Victims Die Slow

  • Bleed For It Wicked Trail Running

    Bleed For It

  • Barbed Wire | Scott Waldrop

    Barbed Wire

  • Ultra marathon tips and tricks | Mind Hacks

    My Top 3 Ultra Marathon Tips [Mental Hacks]

  • ultra-marathon-tolerate-blog-cover-photo

    Let’s Cut Back On Tolerance

  • ultra-marathon-expectations-cover-photo

    Training and Expectations

  • Blame Yourself Blindly

    Blame Yourself Blindly: Ultra Runner’s Mentality

  • The Pain Cave | You're On Stage Cover

    The Pain Cave: You’re On Stage

  • Ultra Marathon Runners Need Patience

    Patience: Why Ultra Marathon Runners Need It

  • Become An Ultra Runner The First Step

    Become An Ultra Runner: The First Step

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