Athlete Profiles

Some of our favorite ultra marathon athletes we’ve chatted with or have written for Wicked Trail. These are their stories, goals, and struggles.

Welcome to the Wicked Trail.

  • Shawn Livingston: Be Somebody’s Pacer

    Be Somebody's Pacer

      Woke The Monster “He’s a lazy, lying, lost, hopeless drug addict,” Shawn Livingston says, reflecting on the colors with which he painted his adulthood. It started as the life of a partier, just an addiction to a good time. Drug abuse and alcoholism, taking root slowly in late nights and over-prescribed pain killers, became Keep Reading…

  • Synthetic Trance

    Ultra marathon runner Erik Hamilton Story blog post

    Written By Erik Hamilton Back in my day —because all good stories begin this way— I was a child of the 80’s. I wanted it all: the loudest guitars, the longest and biggest hair, the fastest car. Too young to have any of this, I was glued to my drum set, Lego bricks, a Gameboy Keep Reading…

  • Ultra Runner Candice Burt: Read the Fine Print

    Ultra Runner Candice Burt: Read the Fine Print

    Mile 92 When I reached mile 92 of my first 100 mile race, the Burning River 100, I was told I wouldn’t finish. I was almost hoping to miss cut-offs by this point in the race, for someone to pull me off this Wicked Trail and say “You’re done. You failed.” Standing at mile 92, Keep Reading…

  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire | Scott Waldrop

    Written By Scott Waldrop Scott has completed numerous ultra marathon distance races (including a Badwater 135 finish and an Arrowhead 135 attempt) and is a father, husband, writer, and guitarist. He placed first in the 2018 Charleston 100, 2 weeks after winning the crewed division of the Tarheel 378-miler. His story has been featured in Keep Reading…

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