Race Reports

Race reports from our own Wicked Trails, those ultra marathons where we learned something special (often the hard way), or lived a story worth sharing.

Inspiration likely.

Welcome to the Wicked Trail.

  • So Long, And Thanks For The Suffering

    Thanks For The Suffering Ultra Marathon Blog Michael Moran

    Written By Michael Moran I chose to do this. Nobody forced me to run 50 miles. Pouring sweat into a paper cup of Gatorade three quarters of the way through the race, I felt like I was about to cave inward. The weight of the last few months, the heat, my wet and muddy feet, Keep Reading…

  • Cape Cod 50K: A High Five and a Seashell

    Cape Cod 50K Ultra Race Report

    Written By Michael Moran Cape Cod 50K: A High Five and a Seashell By the time I reached mile 28 of the Cape Cod 50k, I had already gone cosmic. I fell on a root, experienced a full body charlie horse, got up, smiled with deep satisfaction, and held my arms out by my sides Keep Reading…

  • My First DNF: Umstead 100

    Umstead 100 mile | my first DNF

    Umstead 100, My First DNF: Excuses I’m not one for dramatizing a DNF, let alone my first DNF, so I’ll get right to it. My first DNF came at the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run on April 6th, 2019 not because I wasn’t physically prepared, or I didn’t sleep well or was sick, or because Keep Reading…

  • Bel Monte 50 Mile Race Report


    We didn’t expect snow, and we didn’t expect my sister’s SUV to be anything less than AWD, but (just like an ultra marathon) weather in the mountains of Virginia is fast-changing and can be hard to predict. My first mountain ultra marathon, and third 50 mile race, was the Bel Monte 50 Mile Endurance Run Keep Reading…

  • Light 2 Light 50 Race Report


    Ultra marathon running isn’t about winning, unless it is. Ultra marathon running is subjective; a person’s journey through the darkness, down the Wicked Trail, is driven by his or her own passions, fears, and desires. This journey into pain is driven by his or her own goals. If you run ultra marathons in an aimless Keep Reading…

  • Light 2 Light 50: One Week Out


    My third ultra marathon, in my home state of North Carolina, has nearly arrived. The Light 2 Light 50 Miler will take place one week from today; I haven’t run an ultra marathon since my 29-hour Burning River 100 nightmare in July, six whole months ago. What did I learn from that race, only my Keep Reading…

  • Burning River 100 Race Report: My Wicked Trail

    Burning River 100 Race Report: My Wicked Trail This 2018 Burning River 100 Race Report may not look like some of the other race reports you’ve read. I’m not actually sure how those who provide detailed race reports do so; my memory is fogged, it went by so fast, and it still doesn’t seem real. Keep Reading…

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