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  • So Long, And Thanks For The Suffering

    Thanks For The Suffering Ultra Marathon Blog Michael Moran

    Written By Michael Moran I chose to do this. Nobody forced me to run 50 miles. Pouring sweat into a paper cup of Gatorade three quarters of the way through the race, I felt like I was about to cave inward. The weight of the last few months, the heat, my wet and muddy feet, Keep Reading…

  • Cape Cod 50K: A High Five and a Seashell

    Cape Cod 50K Ultra Race Report

    Written By Michael Moran Cape Cod 50K: A High Five and a Seashell By the time I reached mile 28 of the Cape Cod 50k, I had already gone cosmic. I fell on a root, experienced a full body charlie horse, got up, smiled with deep satisfaction, and held my arms out by my sides Keep Reading…

  • Synthetic Trance

    Ultra marathon runner Erik Hamilton Story blog post

    Written By Erik Hamilton Back in my day —because all good stories begin this way— I was a child of the 80’s. I wanted it all: the loudest guitars, the longest and biggest hair, the fastest car. Too young to have any of this, I was glued to my drum set, Lego bricks, a Gameboy Keep Reading…

  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire | Scott Waldrop

    Written By Scott Waldrop Scott has completed numerous ultra marathon distance races (including a Badwater 135 finish and an Arrowhead 135 attempt) and is a father, husband, writer, and guitarist. He placed first in the 2018 Charleston 100, 2 weeks after winning the crewed division of the Tarheel 378-miler. His story has been featured in Keep Reading…

  • Grounded By Home Trails

    Ultra Marathon Blog | Grounded By Home Trails

    Written By Michael Moran I’m not lost. I’m grinding to the top of a pine-lined logging road, only 2 miles from the trail head and I know exactly where I am. I’m not a thousand miles away, reading an upside down topo map tea stained with sweat, wondering if I have enough water for for Keep Reading…

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