Wicked Trail Running Core Tenets

These are the mantras, the ideals, of the Wicked Trail runner. They speak to the miles and hours spent on your ultra running journey. Adopt and employ them; plug these mantras into your training and speak them aloud on race day.

The thoughts you entertain, the words you speak on the dark trail, are vital to your mission.

This is the Wicked Trail.

  • 5 Ways to Be Your Own Culture

    5 Ways To Be Your Own Culture blog post by Wicked Trail Running

    A Quick “Be Your Own Culture” Testimony “I decided to truly embrace this mantra, this mantra of the Wicked Trail, after I bought my husband one of your hats and saw how much he loved it. I wanted to be the inspiration for a renewal of his interest in fitness. Well, your hat beat me Keep Reading…

  • Dismantle Your Wall

    Dismantle Your Wall

    The Wall. You’ve Hit It. Fatigue is the ultimate mental battleground. Your body is pulling one way and your tapering will is pulling another. Feelings against your goals: which comes out on top? Mile 5, or Mile 20, or Mile 80. Exhaustion, or hunger, or mental fatigue. That’s enough. I’m finished. I need rest; I’ve Keep Reading…

  • Go Farther So You Can Go Further

    Go Farther So You Can Go Further title picture

    Opinion and Visual The mantra of the ultra marathon runner: Go Farther So You Can Go Further. This idea holds little value to most; physical exertion is understood as punishment. It’s painful. Physical training, all of the sweat and blood and early mornings and missed social activities, is viewed as a chore, if it is Keep Reading…

  • Motivation Is Not Real: Run Without It

    Ultra Marathon Motivation Blog Post

    To an outsider, the ultra marathon community appears to lean on motivation. To the outside world, motivation drives an ultra marathon runner to explore possibility, their own iron wills, and the limits of their bodies. Ultra marathon motivation… Stand at any aid station during an ultra marathon, or any endurance race, and you’ll hear all Keep Reading…

  • Comfort Is A Lie

    Comfort Is A Lie is the subject of this ultra marathon blog post

    The man looks around at his life. Not much to worry about. Not a lot of sweat. No real adversity. “Perfect,” he thinks. “I’m comfortable.” Isn’t life supposed to be this way?¬†Free of pain. Free from worry. Free from adversity.¬†This must be the right way… Comfort, this “perfect” place, is the intersection of expectation and Keep Reading…

  • Cowards Are Realistic

    Cowards Are Realistic

    The Common Man Be realistic. Think of the consequences. Proceed with caution. Be like us. The common man wants you to live in a box, the box of culture and society. Stay inside the lines. No adversity, no pain, and no fear. Live like everyone else. Adversity? Culture and society push for complacency. Fitness centers Keep Reading…

  • Be Your Own Culture

    Be Your Own Culture by Wicked Trail Running

    When a person embraces mediocrity and settles into a complacent existence, he or she admits an unpreparedness for life and an unwillingness to reach the highest fulfillment of his or her time on Earth. This person lives in the culture of the common. Men and women, stunted by a victim mentality, who watch success and Keep Reading…

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