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Ultra Marathon Bucket List

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Wicked Trail Ultra marathon bucket list

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For the Endurable

This bucket list isn’t for everyone.

It requires hours and hours and miles of discomfort.

It requires patience and goal-setting.

We’re not just handing out belt buckles.

You’re going to Bleed For It.

This bucket list doesn’t ask you to run specific races like Western States or Badwater, the Hurt 100 or Moab 240.


Some can’t afford those races and others will never qualify or be selected for those races.

This bucket list isn’t about speed, lotteries, or exciting destinations.

It’s about discomfort, patience, and finishing a massive challenge.

Are you ready to join a massive challenge?


Before we get started…

“Do I really have to complete a _____ mile/hour race?”

Hell Yes.

We’re not interested in your age, disabilities, or perceived limitations. This is the Wicked Trail. You can do anything you set your mind to, including every race format on this list.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what weaknesses you grapple with.

I believe in YOU.

You should too.

This is not an easy challenge. This is not a race: there are no cutoffs and no one will know if you never complete it.

It’s a simple list, a call from the deep, wild wells of human nature for adventure and experience.

Will you answer the call and earn your limited buckle, and a place on the Finishers List?