Ultra Marathon Tips and Tricks

I know what it’s like to fall asleep while running.

I’ve watched others and felt myself conquer obstacles that seemed insurmountable.

I’ve seen the impact a 100-mile finish can have on a person’s life.

I’m on the Wicked Trail.

Will you join me?

The hours and hours in my own head, running my own Wicked Trail, have left me exploring my mind, and the minds of those I want to impact.

I want to impact you.

Close your eyes and picture yourself out there, 70 miles in to your first 100 mile ultra marathon. Whether you’ve completed an event like this or not, you can feel it. It hurts, it’s dark and cold. Your fatigue is massive; the trail winds on.

Where is the next aid station?

I’ve been there. And I want to take you back.

I want to take you back with a purpose.

Together, we are going to find what took you, or will take you, to mile 70 of your first 100 mile race and then across the finish line.

I can tell you it’s not easy to revisit, or to visit for the first time.

But it’s worth it.

The lessons of the ultra marathon can be taken and applied elsewhere: What else am I capable of?

This is what we’re going to figure out together.

Welcome to the Wicked Trail.